The Word

Hello people, this is a brand new MAD Alien site you probably don’t know what MAD Alien is but we’ll tell you. MAD Alien was a small little project that me DragonSoull and some friends started, it initially as a software site, then a portal to member’s site, and finally a site of a group of friends who wanted to share things online. Time passed and one by one member’s abandoned the project until me and Badmoon were the only members and the site became abandoned. Me and Badmoon made personal sites and MAD Alien was in a way abandoned until interest resurfaced and I began work on a new site, I was writing some small but good programs that I wanted to share and I has actively working on MAD Alien, but then Fredom2Surf (MAD Alien server at the time) puled the plug by killing the free service MAD Alien was homeless and me with out an e-mail address (talk about luck :)), I searched the web for a new home but no such luck, it was then that I had an idea to merge my personal site and MAD Alien together, Badmoon protested (not really, let’s just say my sick little mind liked to create a world of it’s one) but I did it anyway and here we are from my personal web site I added the Temple, also I redone all sections check it out.

Note: This post marks were the website version went back symbolizing a fresh start (at lest that was the intension).