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Web logins scare me

You can get in but then you cant get out!

That’s the situation these day’s, you go to an web site and there it is, the register/login links. Every were you go websites are requiring you to login for some reason or another, but you may be asking what’s the problem? it’s usualy free, easy, and you only need to do it once and that’s true, but my question is why? Why do i have to fill in a form with my personal info just to read an article? or make a post in a forum knowing that afther i get an reply i’m not coming back? and i dont like to leave my personal info scatered around but to make things worse theres no easy way to delete your info if any at all.

Basacly what i’m trying to say is that logins should be required wen truly needed so webmasters please make life easier for us all by cutting back on the required logins and maybe advertising banners but that’s a diferent story…

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Fixing stuff

Well after going around in circles for a long time I finally realized fusion news was to advanced for me so I’m back to the old ways maybe someday I’ll learn PHP and manage to use.
On the download side the links are still broken i cannot access the server so I’m trying to find an alternative location.

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Well I’ve been checking the web site and I’ve noticed several errors and broken links all over the place. I’m trying to fix them but I’ve recently changed ISP and also having problems with that the https://madalien.planetaclix.pt ftp is no longer available to me so I’ll have to replace it and to put the cherry on the cake fusion news is no longer working (add to post this manually). Sorry for the mess people.

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Me and my Car

10 minutes ago someone had broken into my car. Luckily the alarm scared him/her off and the only actual damage was done to the car’s door lock. My mother is taking pill’s to help calm down (yes, I was stupid enough to tell her) and I’m calling the police to report the event (funnily enough a police car passed by a minute after, coincidence?). Now as I write this I laugh I guess I’m happy I still have a car, or maybe it’s because I’m remembering that one time where someone (I suspect it was an human) took a big dump on the door (I found it funny has hell but of course I didn’t have to clean it 😮 ), or that one time when I tried to make a 60km/h turn at 100km/h while raining (not a good idea and by the way don’t tell my mother ;)), or of the fact I don’t know why I’m writing this. Well I guess I just had to tell some body, in this case all of you Webster’s that have nothing better to do then to read my shit.

Well that’s all I had to say so I guess I’ll get back to watching my car you know what they say the perks always returns to the scene of the crime so goodbye 🙂

Update (next morning): Apparently several cars parked next to mine were also broken into. I wonder what they were looking for?

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