Me and my Car

10 minutes ago someone had broken into my car. Luckily the alarm scared him/her off and the only actual damage was done to the car’s door lock. My mother is taking pill’s to help calm down (yes, I was stupid enough to tell her) and I’m calling the police to report the event (funnily enough a police car passed by a minute after, coincidence?). Now as I write this I laugh I guess I’m happy I still have a car, or maybe it’s because I’m remembering that one time where someone (I suspect it was an human) took a big dump on the door (I found it funny has hell but of course I didn’t have to clean it 😮 ), or that one time when I tried to make a 60km/h turn at 100km/h while raining (not a good idea and by the way don’t tell my mother ;)), or of the fact I don’t know why I’m writing this. Well I guess I just had to tell some body, in this case all of you Webster’s that have nothing better to do then to read my shit.

Well that’s all I had to say so I guess I’ll get back to watching my car you know what they say the perks always returns to the scene of the crime so goodbye 🙂

Update (next morning): Apparently several cars parked next to mine were also broken into. I wonder what they were looking for?