Finally Back…

After a long time of doing what I do best, nothing at all :D.
Has i sited to write this post I realized that MAD Alien was now more then 2 years old, I was surprised how old it was and the fact that i never celebrated it’s anniversary probably due to the fact i don’t remember the exact date 😕 . Still MAD Alien is 2 years old, it has passed the many trials of time resisting and refusing to go away, with it, i learned all I know about making web pages and visual basic programming, i can only hope that MAD Alien stays around until the day i die.
with that out of the way let me give you the latest updates, I’m currently working in a small update of the web site so it will use fusion news so posting news will be faster and more frequent. About MAD Alien applications I decided that not continue their development so users should go to the following addresses for some quality alternatives.

UnSafeDiscX Users:

  •, UnSafedisc v1 for Safedisc version 1 removing.
  •, SafeDisc2Cleanner for Safedisc version 2 removing.

DView Users:

  •, NFO Viewer with support for multi-language and plugins

I think you will find the alternatives allot better then my programs but for those die hard nut balls ill keep the last current version online so until the next update good bye…