You can get in but then you cant get out!

Today i shell rant about about one of it’s most dreaded thing on the web, logins (yup, you read it right).

That’s the situation these day’s, you go to an web site and there it is, the register/login links. Every were you go websites are requiring you to login for some reason or another, but you may be asking what’s the problem? it’s usually free, easy, and you only need to do it once, but my question is why? Why do i have to fill in a form with my personal info just to read an article? or make a post in a forum knowing that after i get an reply I’m most likely not coming back? and i don’t like to leave my personal info scattered around but to make things worse theres no easy way to delete your info if any at all.

Basically what I’m trying to say is that logins should be required wen truly needed so webmasters please make life easier for us all by cutting back on the required logins and maybe advertising banners but that’s a different story…