Some thoughts about this blog

Well I just wanted to clarify some things about why this blog exists. Some of you may remember the website that once occupied this address, it was meant to be the home of a group of friend that wanted to share their projects with the world (wide web). That failed, I was alone in such wishes so I gave up and killed the website. But MAD Alien ad been special to me in so many ways, mostly because it was one of the few things I didn’t gave up after a wile (madalien is 3 years old) so I decided to continue it but in a different form and a blog just seemed right, it was already something I had tried with the Temple (a madalien section). So I guess that covers the why now what will I talk about in here? Everything really, I’ll use this blog like a doorway to share my points of view, my ideas and even my small software projects (if I ever release any). I hope it will be interesting to some one out there and if not at least I tried 😛

Sincerely, DragonSoull.