Summer, it sucks nothing to do 🙁 well actually there is but I don’t feel like doing it (call me lazy). So I have been spending my time playing games (currently Tomb Raider using Glidos and VDMSound, for more info check out VOGONS) instead of doing something useful like coding.
So you see there’s nothing new happening, except maybe MTV Portugal witch is nice finally they remembered we exist 🙂 on the good side the Israeli (I think) commercials are gone and it’s good to hear some tunes from the guys around here (Cebola get in you thick skull that Portuguese music doesn’t suck anymore, there are great band out there now) but on the flip side Jackass, Andy Dicks and others are gone :'( and the voice for the Portuguese promos seem to be made by a girl that could be getting stabbed on the back and still sound bored??
Any way nothing new so don’t expect many updates, till next time…