The END of That!!!

Many people say that games are too violent, they say: “oh my god, you can do what in GTA3? The developers should remove that.” and “Postal 2 is the work of the devil!! Remove it from the stores and burn it now”. But today I’m feeling generous so I’ll share this pearl of wisdom:

Violence doesn’t come from the game, it comes from within every single one of us. If not do you think that those games would sell has much? What does GTA3 show that doesn’t happen every day in some part of the world?

What can you do in Postal2 that you secretly wanted to do at some time in your life to a person that was making your life miserable? We humans like destruction in all it’s forms, we like to do the most horrible things because we are sadists at heart and if you think other wise you’re a fool.

Why do you think we have boxing? Sports where two men try to beat each other unconscious? Why do you think there’s killers, psychopaths, rapers and paedofiles?

How can you ever hope that censoring or even removing these titles from the shops will help, when the world is full of far worse examples? If nothing be grateful for videogames for the experiences they allow in a virtual environment or would you prefer the alternative? That would be me, you and a shotgun.
I hope you open your eyes and see the truth, if not I’m really sad for you, really I am…