About UnSafeDiscX and Safedisc

From time to time somebody asking me about how to crack one of the newer safedisc versions, today I would like to clear this up once in for all (try at least).

First, I never made the actual tools that detected and removed the safedisc protection, credit for that goes to dec0de12, blackcheck, r!sc, waste_me and CirKutz (hope I haven’t forgotten anybody).

So all I did was pack those tools together make a lame vb6 interface, add a little help file and create a pretty installer (using NSIS).

The reasons I did this was to have everything handy for my self, then I passed it on to some friend’s that need to crack some safedisc games, them after one of my friends threaten to put it on the web if I didn’t I said why not and that why it was released, I updated the ui a couple of times added the safedisc 2.51 removing tool when it came out and stop working on it when boolseye hit the scene with it’s SafeDisc2Cleanner.

Now the reality is that there are no tools to remove safedisc versions 2.6 up.

With that said you can see I’m just “normal” guy, I’m no safedisc guru so please stop asking for new tools, I really can’t help you.

If you really need an exe with out safedisc try visiting MegaGames and find a crack like everyone else.