Bad Start

Well has many noticed a new year has begun… in tragedy!

Has this new year started (Cristian calender) my hard drive died and with it many hours of my work… there is still hope of course that all it’s content is intact but I prefer to assume the worst then to create possible false hopes.

For now I’m forced to use and old 2GB hard drive that I salvaged from a old Olivette Computer (a slow old thing), so I won’t stop working on my little projects.

Lately I’ve been actually working hard on madalien, I had been customizing the templates (all gone), working on a application (also gone) and helping a friend code is one (more like bashing him for some pretty obvious mistakes but in a good way).

I already know most of the things I did so it should be easy to get back on the horse and start riding it even if allot of stuff will need redoing.

Till then, my friends…