Breasts and Nudity

Have you ever noticed that these days female singers show more and more of their breasts in their video clips? They seem to be showing more and more.

That makes me wonder why is nudity (topless or even complete) is still censured and considered inappropriate, what’s so wrong about the human body that has to be hidden? Everybody has seen at least their naked body (unless you were raised by strict “moral” (more like crazy in my book) parents) so what’s wrong?

Our society has pretty strange standards has it stands today, mostly I think the result from misguided religious following. What kind of God would say that your body is evil? and even sex if it is such a “bad thing” why does it makes us fell pleasure? But that’s not what I’m talking about.

All I’m saying is that the Human body is a perfectly normal thing and shouldn’t be hidden away. Lets do has the ancient Greeks and just relax about it.

Update: I was surfing around and found this post interesting related article.