Where have I been?

Mostly stuck in the real world, it has been a troubled year so far, hard drive failure toke away around 100GB of unbacked up data, including my mame rom colection (the humanaty).

Then in a freak accident a wrench sliped and hit my motherboard scrathing the surface. It didn’t stop it from working but once in a while I started to get BSOD so I sent it back to see if I could get it replaced (currently I’m using a friends computer), should get an anwser today but I’m not keeping my hopes high.

On the up side I did get reaquainted with TV and it still sucks :p, but once in a while there’s something good to see like a series called Lexx and Samurai Jack a cartoon series that really impressed me by it’s unique style (and I’m not the only one to think soo, see antie momo’s Samurai Jack site).

Also all the down time has allowed me to get some work done on my long time unfinished puzzle, I like puzzles I really do but those skys it will take me ages to finish that bloody things…

That’s where I’ve been and everything I’ve been doing… well, almost everything, theres the matter of Keeper but that’s a diferent story.