Broken Type

What can I say the shit hited the fan once again, this time movable type refuses to run and I have no idea why, maybe I got hacked, maybe the Webhosting guys did something screwy, in any case I’ll need to reinstall and with my unreliable upload speed it’s going to be a pain, I’ve already failed several attempts to update movable type because of it.

On top of that my computer is down for repairs, it’s a actually a funny story I was going to get one of those big and quieter heatsinks for my CPU and got talked into a watercooling system (I’m so easy) I let the shop install it since I was afraid to screw up which was mistake (but kind of turned out to come in handy down the road) since the watercooling system was huge, when I looked at the assembled thing I discovered I had lost use of all my PCI ports and easy access to pretty much everything inside the case not good but hell, I already paid for it so I guess I was stuck with it.

Fast forward 3 days and BAM wile trying out a TV card (actually managed to stick it in by removing the pump from it’s support) the motherboard sink (there were sinks for the CPU, Motherboard and Graphic chip) dropped and landed on the graphic board, very surprising considering the only movement the box suffered was a small drag forward and the removal of the case’s side plate, in any case it broken the graphic board, at least I think since all I can see is bits of color on the screen when I boot up the PC.

So I sent it back to the shop so they could repair the graphic board (most likely replace) and removed that cursed watercooling system that wasn’t that “cool” in the first place (I just hope there’s a chance I can return that piece of crap), now I’m left using the PC I built for my mom (time she gets on the digital age), a frankstein beast built from bits I updated slowish but very usable, best of all Half-Life and Serious Sam run ok so Co-op fun has reached my house.

And that’s it, an update in my life. I’ll try and fix this mess till then adeus (goodbye in Portuguese).