A Wedding far away

A very old draft that shouldn’t have been a draft…

Well once again I’m away from home writing on a piece of paper. This time it was one of my cousin’ wedding. As usual I stayed away from the church as I could. The fact is that I hate weddings, but still I went to the lunch the day after (forced so that people wouldn’t be insulted) and that’s were I’m now, the bride and groom just arrived and everybody is asking how the first night together went included the popular question of: “did you take in the ass?” (Is it really popular, ’cause I’d really like to know?) .

I think that’s all I have to say for now, besides that I’m a lefty (apparently everybody keeps forgetting I’m one and do the extremely intelligent question of “are you a lefty?” when they see me writing with my left hand) writing in English on a small piece of paper, something that draws a lot of attention around here and I don’t like it at all, no sir I really don’t…

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