A new chance

As you can see by the news bellow MAD Alien almost died due to a broken screen (currently I’m reduced to an old 15″ piece of junk that can only give 640×480@60Hz max), a mad FTP server and an unexpected vacations and no, I’m not kidding 🙂 that’s the truth but, after thinking for a while I realized that this is one of the few thing I’ve done with passion, so I decided to continue even if the site has no visitors. As for the site I made some changes that you can see in detail here also I took all files down, my applications sucked anyway when I come up it something good I’ll put it up till then good-bye.

Note: The date on this one is probably wrong.

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The final word

well, the website will no longer be updated for now, I failed to create enough content to keep the site alive, but maybe later I will reopen it. Who knows!

PS: All files have been remove from the server and the message board is down.

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New section and license

Here I am again… On the news, a new section called concept, since I can’t program I decided to share some of my ideas, also there is a new license agreement (version 2.0) so don’t forget to check it out on the link in the bottom of this page.

Note: The sharing of ideas mentioned was a concept for a Mega Drive (Genesis) emulator that used a zipped rom that tried to imitate the original game box (the zip had the game, manual, and game codes).

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The end?

No, not really. I’m just stopping for a while so for now I’ll leave you all with the new site that was just put out of testing (see the message board), also I decided not to make more applications until I was good enough programmer because I just found out that none of my applications would work since they here missing files, so I made a package the “MAD Alien VBbasics” that has all the extra files needed except the VB6 runtime libraries that win98se ups users already have but that’s life, for now I’m also thinking of releasing the source code of all my applications but I don’t know, till then enjoy the site.

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