Origin and Uplay launchers

I’ve been getting some requests to do a launcher for Origin and Uplay games the same way I did for Blizzard so I figured I’d I’d make a post about it to let everyone know where I stand and possibly inform them of options they’ve been unaware.

There has been a lot of people smarter them me creating tools to make Origin users life easier. Stuff like Origin Requirement Remover which made Origin optional on games older then Battlefield 4, or for the Battlefield series the Battlelogium launcher which made using battlelog website much more present and less prone to headakes.

Has I don’t own anything more recent then Battlefield 4 all the games I own are already covered by those two great tools as such I wouldn’t have much to add to them.

Unlike Origin, Uplay games still sell on steam, thus they pretty much work out of the box, just add them as a non-steam game and they will launch just fine with steam overlay. However there was one small nagging issue for me which was that Uplay itself did not close after I exited the game. I reckoned it wouldn’t bother anyone else so I just made a tiny launcher that just automatically closed Uplay window on exit for my use only.

Totally overkill and unnecessary (it just saves a single mouse click on game exit), but hey if you’re as annoyed as me you can grab noUplayNag and give it a go yourself.

In short, Uplay games are already fully steam compatible and there’s Origin tools to make it easier to start from steam, as such I won’t be doing anything for those two platforms.

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