The year of the zombie

Indeed this is the year of the zombie, not only in wow with the incoming wrath of the litch king master of the undead scourge but also with Left 4 Dead trying to survive in a semi-destroyed city full of it’s former citizens obsessed with fresh brains.

But while the invasion of the scourge is 5 days away me and some friends tried to make our way out of a hell, one bullet at a time… Our adventure started with getting together in a server, matchmaking was new to me but it worked good enough, trouble was when we tried to get a game going while using the split screen hack (would be awesome if valve made it an actual PC option), we wished we had a server browser then we did 🙁

Moving in to the gameplay itself I must say I expected nothing less from valve, zombies coming from every side people screaming in desperation for help and the blood chilling click of an empty chamber of a gun without bullets…

It’s truly gona be awesome surviving with friends when it’s out 🙂 …

Update: Try it on the hardest setting for the real “zombies are gona get us” experience.

Dusting the blog

While dusting the blog and making sure the removal of Markdown hadn’t left any post unreadable (lucky for me I don’t post all that much hum) I came across this and this. Oddest thing about it was that I bothered transcribing them but never publishing them, silly me.

Anyways markdown is off with the help of this markdown page and a bit of manual labor, I suppose I could of made a php hack to do it on the go to the database but since it was just a few posts I ended up doing it by hand, silly me i spose.

PS: So far wordpress html editor seems much improved, not bad…

Impending Storm

It’s coming, an euphoric feeling that I can’t really explain or justify. I’d suspect this is a bit how drug addicts might feel, I’m of course talking of the to-be-released in a few days WoW expansion. In all likeliness all this madness will go away once it’s finally released but it’s still pretty ridiculous I can get hyped like this on my own.

So I worry a bit, I’m getting as much done now as I can now since in the leveling frenzy, the social trappings of wow might sink their claws in me and not so easily release when more important work needs doing.

Whish me luck, I think i might need it 🙂

Winter Cold

Shivers, coldness of the morning… little comfort for the thin and foolishly prepared like me. Each second feels like an hour as I impatiently wait the next teacher to arrive and begin his attempts to imprint knowledge in another generation of young minds.

Just another morning in University, music as my companion to the drifting of the mind and writing… the unexpected guest that seemed to pop up in the oddest of times, a guest that will hopefully grace me with her presence more frequently to shine some light on the dusty corners of this blog.

WordPress update horror

Just updated to the latest WordPress version (2.5) and horror of horrors it mangled some of the text, namely characters like “ç”, “á”, etc were replaced by garbage. Think i’ve fixed most of the articles but some may still be horribly disfigured, the dangerous of not making backups ladies and gentleman.