Some time to kill

Not wanting to sound rude, I just had some time to kill so I decided to write something in my blog after all that’s what it’s for 🙂 .

Today is an interesting day, it will be the first time I’ll meet a virtual friend in the flesh, the hole thing makes me a little scared, not that I think his a child molester or anything (hell I’m no child and I fight like Rambo (at least in my dreams I do 😛 )).

It’s all about appearances, when you talk online, the only thing that comes into play is your personality, who you are and what you think, but when your face to face even of you don’t want to the way you look will have allot to say (good and bad), and maybe the other person wont like that message.

Human relationships were never my strong point, and these type of situations prove it, what will he think of my “shell”? Will he miss judge me for it? And should I care if he does? Doubt keeps floating in my mind…