Memories of times long passed

I was reading up on a gaming forum that I regularly visit and the subject of a small 8 bit consoles cammed up, these little 8 bit marvels were(are) usually sold pretty much everywhere and in my childhood it was the console I played.

They had strange names like Family Computer and Mega Power, and back then we just know them has 8 bits or Chinese consoles (you could mainly find then in Chinese shops), so now having Google at my fingertips I embarked on a search to find these little buggers real identity.

What I found was pretty surprising (at lest for me), my 8 bits was a NES clone! One of many Famiclones made in china and Russia, knowing I was a Die hard Sega fan back then this was a bit of a shock (talk about sleeping with the enemy).

Concluding that my gaming roots went deeper then I thought, it made me fell nostalgic to think the good all days playing Mario, Contra, Excitebike… Those were the days.