Spam Control

Well I knew this would eventually happen, Spam is starting to invade my email account 🙁 . So in an effort to fight it off I’ll be disabling the [email protected] email, it seems only Spamers use it any way.

I’m also researching Spam filter so I should get one pretty soon.

2 thoughts on “Spam Control”

  1. True, but if don’t put my email nobody can email me 🙂
    I could obscure it with (at) and stuff but I don’t really fell it’s worth the extra trouble just to email me.
    So theres really no choice but to deal with the spam (with In my case is still very small).

  2. Hi there madalien
    I have been mad for a long time my self.
    I have seen this before, and had to drop a line.
    //span// if you publish you e-aml on a web enable page search bots can read and post the data to live databases.//werd^//
    talk to yo u t8er x-}

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