“Oh bitter despair, oh cruel fate why do you punish me so.
Are not my screams heard by the world?”

Wrote this today wile I trying to see something at the TechTV web page and was getting constant timeouts.

It’s hard to believe, but after 3 months of crappy service I’ve gotten accustomed to the huge pings constant timeouts, DNS blackouts.

The reason for this is very simple (or so I was told) my ISP sold more service then it could provide and that was it. No more online gaming, no more downloading without using a re sumer, no more viewing web pages without the lovely timeout errors.

And still I (well my parents) pay €35 every month for it, am I insane? I’m starting to think so, but what could I do? Get ADSL witch could be pretty much the same? Or go back to dialup?

Right now I just feel cornered and hopeless 🙁 and thinking of other places were the ISP aren’t greedy bastards…