Trust with Stuff

This is a little something I found written in my calculator today…

I’m typing this on a driveway as I wait for a friend to get home, his got something of mine and I want it back.

It did thought of just ask him for it but like many other he his the type that keeps forgetting over and over again, so I’m left here waiting in the hope that he’ll arrive soon or at least in the next 24hours (boy I’m sounding nutty even to myself).

But the thing I’m wondering is why I need to do this in the first place, why do people keep forgetting to return other peoples stuff. In my life I’ve lost more stuff like this then by any other way, stuff I cared like some of my favorite games and music CDs, even work when I was stupid enough to lend a backup CD (never did that again).

It just looks to me that nobody respects other peoples property anymore, I always return what’s not mine, but still I only have one friend that does the same! (If I have to ask more them once it doen’t count) What’s wrong with their world, can someday tell me?

Please share your experiences…

2 thoughts on “Trust with Stuff”

  1. HI there DragonSoul
    When I was taking gutair lession way back in the day I was given this book the complete Jim Hendrix Expernce Album music for Drum Bass and Gutair. I thought wow and the guy who lend it to was ” you beter not lose this” it was a xmas gift and he is a awsome gutair player and can play any of the solo s with out the book. So he lent it to me.
    I had the book for about ten years before I ran in to him in a different city then we both lived in before. [and we were going to the same school for the same think he was last year I was first = computer programing].. I had him over to my house for a coffe and I ever at the moment forget about the book.
    then I looked on the bok shelf and saw the spine of the book Jimi Henrdix and I was Hey now! I got him on the edge bu saying . I have some thing to give you that you will never guess. I made him guess for a minute you know the drill and then I sprung it on him and He Flipped and I felt great for know that I learned the book and got to give it back..
    I hope you like this little story maddalien

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