April Fools

Oh how I hate this day, every year at the 1st of April all the news sites I trust to give me the news become untrustworthy and feed me with misinformation.

I for one don’t like it! I don’t like having to keep looking over my shoulder not to be fooled by one of these bullshit stories.

On the good side, it only last’s 48 hours, only 10 more to go.

1 thought on “April Fools”

  1. Hi Dragonsoul
    Yeah I pitty the Fool as Mr. T says and a fool is a fool is a fool.
    and as Obwan says. who is the fool the fool or the one that fallows the fool.
    I was just droping a line here to see if you would get is at a friend of the idea of the mad[d]ALien . latter sk8er

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