Me and my cousins bicycle

Well here I am typing way, I fell good but tired and my legs have turned to jelly.

My cousin took one of his long bicycle rides over here to the city but this time his father couldn’t take the bike home in the van so he left it here for safe keeping. I, not having a bicycle of my one for years didn’t wast time and went for a ride.

It was midnight so I headed to the DEI building to see if there where really races around the DEI building (a tip a a friend gave me has I was about to leave for the ride).

After much puffing a huffing (it doesn’t pay to live in a city full of ups and downs when your riding a bicycle), I arrived at DEI, all seemed quite but after a wile I started to hear the roar of engines at the distance below. An down hill I descended…

There were some cars but no “crowed”, I asked some guys if that was the place where the races happened and I they confirmed I was in the right place just at the wrong time, I was told the real party time is Sunday at 2/3:00 AM still I got to see some guys drifting and spining around.

One thing I noticed was that the cars were all junkers, I guess people here just want to have fun driving then to show off there “coolt” rides, or then again maybe it was just because it wasn’t Sunday.

Then I went back home and cycled around my street, and several things cammed to mind, the fact that the streets are pretty safe at night, that my legs are really out of shape and that I really miss having a bicycle.

Not only that but riding with my old friend with I long grown apart and last I heard already had a daughter (dam he didn’t waste any time).

It was good night to go for a spin, it as really nice…