Wile I’m at it

Having just written Me and my Cousin bicycle I decided since I was already at it to write a little about what’s been going on in the life of DaF.

Yes DaF is me, I used DragonSoull for 4 years but it wasn’t a nick I really liked, I simply couldn’t think up anything better, and it had is problems like being to long for several stuff like games and irc networks.

So this day back I was playing with the letters in my name and DaF cammed up, I liked it. It was one letter short of daft which was funny and it was 3 letters long so I could use it even in the old Arcades High Score.

So I’m starting to change my nick, well I will try, I don’t know how many DaF’s there are out there…

Any way, as I was saying even after that encouraging post I haven’t really made significant progress on anything, I’m such a lazy bastard.

On the other hand I think I fixed the backup issue, all it took was 2x120GB hard drives. Unfortunately now the temp inside the box is really getting dangerous and with summer at the door a new box is needed, I’m thinking int getting the Antec P160 but those things tend to be pricey so only time will tell.

And I would like to announce here that Optical mouse ROCK!!!

Shame I didn’t had one of those last weekend when I was at my second Counter Strike LAN Party, has always I scored very low with is to be expected from a guy who only plays counter strike at LAN party’s.

All in all it went pretty well but the “only counter strike” is a bit annoying, it may be a great game but I suck and waiting all that time to play again sucks, may the next will have more games (there where roomers of that).

And that where the highlights of the last few days, theres allot more I could type about but that would make this post grow way to big, so until next time goodbye.