It’s odd, really odd, Sylver has gone on a break from computers, can’t really blame him since he’s been having spyware up is nose for the last few days (for people having the same problems please install the MS Anti-Spyware Thing).

Me, well I have nothing to write about, life as pretty much has been school gaming and bits of coding. Nothing really exciting, nothing to talk about, or is there?

I wonder if there’s someone out there interested in my new taste for realistic combat fps, or that I’m getting good grades? What is right to write?
I really don’t know, well except that if I write everything about me this wouldn’t be any different from a reality show blog, and that’s something I don’t want so I wont.

I hope I have something interesting to say, till then I’ll say nothing or like now say odd things, or maybe not, I’ll let you decide.

2 thoughts on “Odd”

  1. Dude, sorry I haven’t been around lately… got a clinical depression, plus I’m droping school, so my life is a mess. Smell ya later…

  2. Páh e k tal dares ai possibilidade de eu responder em PT pode ser? 😀

    Mesmo k nun possa já está HEHEHE olha nun stresses tanto man tem + calma e vé se começas a jogar uns joguitos de Carros 😉 😀

    Translation (by DaF):

    Dude what about you give me a chance to answer in PT ok? 😀
    Even if I can’t it’s done HEHEHE look don’t stress so much man chill out and see if you start playing some car games 😉 😀

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