Colorix Update

Well it was about time I updated Colorix wasn’t it.

I’ve added the missing icons although they’re all white, I seriously couldn’t think of any color for what were basicly just several disk image formats (not even compressed). The rest was just variants of formats already included. Better then nothing I guess 🙂

Get it on the download link on the Latest Files side list.

5 thoughts on “Colorix Update”

  1. Nice work! I’ve used 7-zip for a couple of months and until recently I found your awesome stuff and fell in love with it.

    I’ll be keep checking back~~~

  2. The setup is the same one used on 7-Zip with only the icons and the colorix readme included/altered. So with Colorix (Icons Only) and the 7-Zip source code you can easily recreate colorix.

    So any setup improvements you do would be best shared with 7-Zip author for inclusion on the Main distribution (and colorix by extention).

    Good luck 🙂

  3. may i source code for this utility including setup because i want to create a next version of the setup which will not only colorize icons but will also register them to the Windows. Thanks

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