Men with small dicks

In a vain attempt to try and prove he has a big dig, DaF has closed all my access to any editing options on madalien. Furthermore, I need not check he has blocked my access on the ftp and cPanel.

*Sylver checks*


Anyway, just in case you catch this before he deletes it. (and yes, I’m most sure he will, because he has oh-so-great admin powers… he gets turned on by that, you know)

I made 4 wallpapers (quite nice might I add), which will never get posted. Sorry. Forget the D&D blog, that will move on to the next website. Who knows were I will end up. Adaptability has always been one of my fortes. DaF will now realize that in order to save all of you 60 kb’s of bandwidth per month, he has lost a friend.

Since he will probably read this beforehand (he should realize from the first sentence that this is by no means an apology or anything close to it), I’m going to make a public appeal for him not to delete my e-mail forwarder. Many accounts currently use it, and losing it at this point would mean total doom for me. But hey, since he’s into that, maybe he’ll delete it. Better yet, who cares? I might lose all my msn contacts and start a new life on the web. The future is so uncertain.

Anyway, this is a goodbye, for good. If any of you out there are not on my contact list by now (most visitors are my friends), and you want to keep touch, just add me on msn. Mail is everywhere. But here it is again [email protected].

Your’s as always, my not-so-loyal fans,

PS: See you in Project-03, and I hope someone reads this, or else it will have been a total waste of time. And, sucky balls, if there is a thing I dont have is time. Not enough time to play a whole night of Hide-and-Go-Seek-The-Website.

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