Colorix update for 4k

Having been using a 4k screen lately I’ve noticed Colorix icons would show tiny with a box around them.

I looked around thinking that by now someone might have done a theme better then mine but sadly most authors still prefer to use only text to differentiate the different compression formats 7zip supports which is usually useless when used in list view.

So finding some free time on my hands I grabbed a trial version of Paint Shop Pro and did a quick and dirty upscale of old Colorix. The results aren’t perfect but still better then I expected.

I also took the chance to include the missing icons and update all instructions to use the 7z Theme Manager utility for installation.

Download Colorix 4k theme

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Colorix developements

Well, it was about time I got of my lazy ass and did something so I took a look inside 7-Zip source and added primitive support for external Icons.

It’s still unfinished and it’s implementation isn’t “perfect”, but it’s simple. I’m still working around it to provide a way to do something like “7zFM.exe /refresh-icons” (done) to make it easy for icon pack authors like myself to distribute their work.

Time will tell if it becomes a base feature of 7-Zip but for now those that want to take an early peak can check the beta, you’ll need 7-Zip 9.04 beta for it to work properly.

Update: I’ve refreshed the files with the addition of the “/refresh-icons” command line option to 7zFM.exe.

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7-Zip Colorix Changes

As far as I know nobody but me was using my 7-Zip Colorix Icon pack and I couldn’t understand why, they were nicer then the ones 7-Zip has by default and the color coding made it easy to quickly know what kind of archive you were dealing with.

I was talking with a friend about this and he said something that completely surprised me, “People won’t be bother to install an icon pack”, he had a point, so from now on the Colorix icons will be distribute in a full 7-Zip installer, that means you just need to install 7-Zip Colorix Edition and you’re ready to go :).

Also I’ve asked 7-Zip author to add a link for the Colorix edition to the 7-Zip page, let’s see how that goes…

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