7-Zip Colorix Changes

As far as I know nobody but me was using my 7-Zip Colorix Icon pack and I couldn’t understand why, they were nicer then the ones 7-Zip has by default and the color coding made it easy to quickly know what kind of archive you were dealing with.

I was talking with a friend about this and he said something that completely surprised me, “People won’t be bother to install an icon pack”, he had a point, so from now on the Colorix icons will be distribute in a full 7-Zip installer, that means you just need to install 7-Zip Colorix Edition and you’re ready to go :).

Also I’ve asked 7-Zip author to add a link for the Colorix edition to the 7-Zip page, let’s see how that goes…

1 thought on “7-Zip Colorix Changes”

  1. aaa if you release this pack with the recentiest release of the 7-Zip i go to use-it! 🙂

    PS: sorry for my shhh english :-4a7d3d609129a9296bf7ac0608c2097

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