A little pause to think

Today would have been a normal day hadn’t my internet connection been down, so after I thought up of a bunch of things that I wanted to do and realizing that all of them required an internet I decided to sit down, and start typing this.

I don’t write much, mostly because when I do I end up rewriting the everything over and over again (this time being no exception), which becomes tiresome and boring so you see why I avoid it, still since I’m stuck offline I decided to write something since it was long overdue, what point is having a blog if I don’t post in it.

First of all what’s happened so far. School/work is going fine, and yes work a little summer thing at a computer turned permanent with me working on weekends repairing computers and selling computer hardware, oddly enough that’s what most of my school colleges would like to do, I’m not sure they have any idea how a customer can be annoying sometimes :p.

On a more personal note I practically stopped all coding and stuff, at the time it was something I did because it was fun, these days it’s work, and I already have enough work so I find it better use of my recreational time to spend it in the World of Warcraft, that’s right one more falls pray to it’s charms and I have no regrets :p

I must say the concept is a dam good one, not WoW specifically but the all MMO thing, it’s a game you play alone or in group but others are always present, maybe this is the next big step in gaming, that we are no longer the lonely hero in a virtual world but one of many other persons, the advantage is that it makes PC gaming as much of a social even as console gaming was/is (at least for me, but I don’t play that much on consoles) the down side is that your achievements will be compared to that of other players and not everyone likes competition.

Returning to what brought me to write this, it’s funny how one becomes dependent on something like internet and how it changes your perception of your environment, online I never felt alone, I always have my contact list there with all my buddies at a clicks distance, now I can’t, and that strange feeling of truly being alone as set in again. Anyways being offline for a wile is always good for something.

Until next time, have fun and enjoy your life’s.

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