Colorix update for 4k

Having been using a 4k screen lately I’ve noticed Colorix icons would show tiny with a box around them.

I looked around thinking that by now someone might have done a theme better then mine but sadly most authors still prefer to use only text to differentiate the different compression formats 7zip supports which is usually useless when used in list view.

So finding some free time on my hands I grabbed a trial version of Paint Shop Pro and did a quick and dirty upscale of old Colorix. The results aren’t perfect but still better then I expected.

I also took the chance to include the missing icons and update all instructions to use the 7z Theme Manager utility for installation.

Download Colorix 4k theme

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Ever since steam allowed to add non steam games to it that it become my gaming hub having all my games there ready to be launched.

However every big developer/publisher has it’s own launcher these days which means trying to use steam as a launcher doesn’t always work as intended.

I originally discovered a solution in a reddit post, it worked but felt very clunky so I fired up Visual Studio to see if I could do any better.

The result was bnetlauncher. While not the most elegant solution it does work. and makes adding current and future blizzard games to steam a lot easier.

Additionally I have also the full source code under GPL for those who take their security very seriously or are simply curious about what’s actually happening under the hood.

To use just add it as a non-steam game and put in the appropriate case sensitive code in front as a parameter like in the screenshot bellow.

Example bnetlauncher use


Warning: The downloads below are outdated and buggy, please grab the current version from (Beta version that should fix crashing issue) games under Steam Read More »

Colorix developements

Well, it was about time I got of my lazy ass and did something so I took a look inside 7-Zip source and added primitive support for external Icons.

It’s still unfinished and it’s implementation isn’t “perfect”, but it’s simple. I’m still working around it to provide a way to do something like “7zFM.exe /refresh-icons” (done) to make it easy for icon pack authors like myself to distribute their work.

Time will tell if it becomes a base feature of 7-Zip but for now those that want to take an early peak can check the beta, you’ll need 7-Zip 9.04 beta for it to work properly.

Update: I’ve refreshed the files with the addition of the “/refresh-icons” command line option to 7zFM.exe.

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Colorix Update

Well it was about time I updated Colorix wasn’t it.

I’ve added the missing icons although they’re all white, I seriously couldn’t think of any color for what were basicly just several disk image formats (not even compressed). The rest was just variants of formats already included. Better then nothing I guess 🙂

Get it on the download link on the Latest Files side list.

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