The year of the zombie

Indeed this is the year of the zombie, not only in wow with the incoming wrath of the litch king master of the undead scourge but also with Left 4 Dead trying to survive in a semi-destroyed city full of it’s former citizens obsessed with fresh brains.

But while the invasion of the scourge is 5 days away me and some friends tried to make our way out of a hell, one bullet at a time… Our adventure started with getting together in a server, matchmaking was new to me but it worked good enough, trouble was when we tried to get a game going while using the split screen hack (would be awesome if valve made it an actual PC option), we wished we had a server browser then we did 🙁

Moving in to the gameplay itself I must say I expected nothing less from valve, zombies coming from every side people screaming in desperation for help and the blood chilling click of an empty chamber of a gun without bullets…

It’s truly gona be awesome surviving with friends when it’s out 🙂 …

Update: Try it on the hardest setting for the real “zombies are gona get us” experience.

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Impending Storm

It’s coming, an euphoric feeling that I can’t really explain or justify. I’d suspect this is a bit how drug addicts might feel, I’m of course talking of the to-be-released in a few days WoW expansion. In all likeliness all this madness will go away once it’s finally released but it’s still pretty ridiculous I can get hyped like this on my own.

So I worry a bit, I’m getting as much done now as I can now since in the leveling frenzy, the social trappings of wow might sink their claws in me and not so easily release when more important work needs doing.

Whish me luck, I think i might need it 🙂

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Thoughts on World of Warcraft

Last time I said that World of Warcraft was not a waste of time and I’d write about it, I thought I’d argument about the games virtues and try to change your minds about it, but then I kind of realized that would just be me forcing my views so I’ll just say why World of Warcraft (from here on WoW) isn’t a waste of time for me.

First of all it’s a game, and I’ve been a gamer since I can remember, I was fascinated when I saw the first consoles and begun my life as a gamer when I got one for my birthday spending hours playing Keystone Kapers. So when I begun to play WoW it was just this game everyone was talking about, the best MMO there was and it seemed to be fun and so my “adventure” begun.

Being my first MMO I can’t really compare it to anything else, still since I entered the world of Azeroth it’s been an adventure. The thing I liked best about the game was the fact that it in itself was a world, a world I could explore and meet other people in, not only that but also a world where my friends could join me in, and so it has been, one by one they’ve joined me and together we’ve been riding together helping each other on our quests and having fun.

So in the end WoW is a fun thing I do with friends, and since it’s MMO nature there’s always someone new and different, that not always good, there’s idiots and jerks like one would expect but in the end they just bother you if you let them (the joys of being able to /ignore someone). Some might say the game is heroin and I’m not going to say otherwise, it’s extremely addictive but that doesn’t mean I’ll play 48h straight or skip work to play it, I’m in control, if you can’t say the same then you really shouldn’t play this game, even if it’s a great one.

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Slamming door

The door slams open and a man comes out, his eyes are blinded by the light, as they adapt he can see where he is, suddenly shock runs through his face and he realizes where he is.

That could very well be the cinematic intro for what just happened here at least figuratively speaking. The truth is I can’t believe I didn’t write a single entry since the end of April, nearly half a year ago, shocking indeed.

Then again, wanting to write isn’t the same as writing. I’ve always said to myself that I’m a terrible writer, but a inspired teacher of philosophy and logic thought had made me realize I write well enough to make myself understood and that’s what matters, so that leaves me with only one problem, what to write about?

I really can’t think of anything, to the outsider viewer my life is dull as any other, maybe even more since now a big part of it is dedicated to playing World of Warcraft, I must say WoW is a very special game for me since it was my first MMO, I’ve been playing it for nearly a year now (if I recall correctly) and it’s been a great experience, saying that I think I now have something to say:

World of Warcraft is not a waste of time.

Of course I should back that statement with arguments but right now I’m getting way to sleepy so I’ll leave it for the next entry, so just bare with me.

Pass that there’s not much to say, I’ve had a successful year culminating with a special vacation to France, now at least I can say I left the country for a while, life continues at the same pace and with the same confidence as always, I truly am luckier then I should be.

Until next time, au revoir.

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A little pause to think

Today would have been a normal day hadn’t my internet connection been down, so after I thought up of a bunch of things that I wanted to do and realizing that all of them required an internet I decided to sit down, and start typing this.

I don’t write much, mostly because when I do I end up rewriting the everything over and over again (this time being no exception), which becomes tiresome and boring so you see why I avoid it, still since I’m stuck offline I decided to write something since it was long overdue, what point is having a blog if I don’t post in it.

First of all what’s happened so far. School/work is going fine, and yes work a little summer thing at a computer turned permanent with me working on weekends repairing computers and selling computer hardware, oddly enough that’s what most of my school colleges would like to do, I’m not sure they have any idea how a customer can be annoying sometimes :p.

On a more personal note I practically stopped all coding and stuff, at the time it was something I did because it was fun, these days it’s work, and I already have enough work so I find it better use of my recreational time to spend it in the World of Warcraft, that’s right one more falls pray to it’s charms and I have no regrets :p

I must say the concept is a dam good one, not WoW specifically but the all MMO thing, it’s a game you play alone or in group but others are always present, maybe this is the next big step in gaming, that we are no longer the lonely hero in a virtual world but one of many other persons, the advantage is that it makes PC gaming as much of a social even as console gaming was/is (at least for me, but I don’t play that much on consoles) the down side is that your achievements will be compared to that of other players and not everyone likes competition.

Returning to what brought me to write this, it’s funny how one becomes dependent on something like internet and how it changes your perception of your environment, online I never felt alone, I always have my contact list there with all my buddies at a clicks distance, now I can’t, and that strange feeling of truly being alone as set in again. Anyways being offline for a wile is always good for something.

Until next time, have fun and enjoy your life’s.

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