To a special lady

Sometimes people fail to see how precious and beautiful something can be because it’s got a little dirt in it, a mud covered diamond is still a diamond, and sometimes that quirky person you always ignore might be awesome, but you never took the time to get to know her. Recently I’ve seen a perfect example of it in this (view) episode of the Boondocks.

I’ll be the first to admit that this episode made me feel depressed, maybe it struck a bit too close to home. I couldn’t help wish I could of prevented it some way… I really hope the real Luna’s in the world find what their heart desires and don’t sucumb to the loneliness and pain… ’cause at least we can always be alone together 🙁 .

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Impending Storm

It’s coming, an euphoric feeling that I can’t really explain or justify. I’d suspect this is a bit how drug addicts might feel, I’m of course talking of the to-be-released in a few days WoW expansion. In all likeliness all this madness will go away once it’s finally released but it’s still pretty ridiculous I can get hyped like this on my own.

So I worry a bit, I’m getting as much done now as I can now since in the leveling frenzy, the social trappings of wow might sink their claws in me and not so easily release when more important work needs doing.

Whish me luck, I think i might need it 🙂

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Winter Cold

Shivers, coldness of the morning… little comfort for the thin and foolishly prepared like me. Each second feels like an hour as I impatiently wait the next teacher to arrive and begin his attempts to imprint knowledge in another generation of young minds.

Just another morning in University, music as my companion to the drifting of the mind and writing… the unexpected guest that seemed to pop up in the oddest of times, a guest that will hopefully grace me with her presence more frequently to shine some light on the dusty corners of this blog.

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As the darkness of night is replace by the coming day all I can think of is the somber music that’s sound tracked on Death Note.

I’m still not sure what to make of it, but as the story unfolded all I could see was madness in lights yet was his actions really so wrong?

Thinking about all this makes my head spin…

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Thoughts on World of Warcraft

Last time I said that World of Warcraft was not a waste of time and I’d write about it, I thought I’d argument about the games virtues and try to change your minds about it, but then I kind of realized that would just be me forcing my views so I’ll just say why World of Warcraft (from here on WoW) isn’t a waste of time for me.

First of all it’s a game, and I’ve been a gamer since I can remember, I was fascinated when I saw the first consoles and begun my life as a gamer when I got one for my birthday spending hours playing Keystone Kapers. So when I begun to play WoW it was just this game everyone was talking about, the best MMO there was and it seemed to be fun and so my “adventure” begun.

Being my first MMO I can’t really compare it to anything else, still since I entered the world of Azeroth it’s been an adventure. The thing I liked best about the game was the fact that it in itself was a world, a world I could explore and meet other people in, not only that but also a world where my friends could join me in, and so it has been, one by one they’ve joined me and together we’ve been riding together helping each other on our quests and having fun.

So in the end WoW is a fun thing I do with friends, and since it’s MMO nature there’s always someone new and different, that not always good, there’s idiots and jerks like one would expect but in the end they just bother you if you let them (the joys of being able to /ignore someone). Some might say the game is heroin and I’m not going to say otherwise, it’s extremely addictive but that doesn’t mean I’ll play 48h straight or skip work to play it, I’m in control, if you can’t say the same then you really shouldn’t play this game, even if it’s a great one.

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