Felling like writing

It’s Sunday morning and I feel like writing, don’t know why but maybe it was the cake I ate (it’s incredible how better I felt after eating it, but the fact is it was the first thing I’ve eaten in more then 24h might explain it).

Currently I’m in my aunts house not exactly by choice but more because I’m the only one with a license who actually drives the car. It wouldn’t be that bad if it wasn’t the fact that I’m picky as hell when it comes to food which is why I starved a bit).

I don’t have much more to write about since it’s bloody boring over here, I guess I’ll get back to watching those creepy clowns (is there any another kind?) on TV.

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Some thought on the future

I was doing some clean up on the old posts, and I started to think about what I’ve done this pass few years.

Some things are clear, like the fact that I want to work in computers. Doing what specifically is an entire different matter, programing seemed to be the answer but I’m not so sure these days, one thing that a good developer absolutely requires besides decent programing skills is being able to finish whatever is working on, and so far I haven’t proven to be able to do just that.

Actually so far I haven’t finished anything, all that I started has been left in a state of “unfinishedness” and that just can’t be.

If ever hope to be a developer I must take this time and prove myself that I can finish a project or else I better move along to something else because software won’t be one of them.

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It’s odd, really odd, Sylver has gone on a break from computers, can’t really blame him since he’s been having spyware up is nose for the last few days (for people having the same problems please install the MS Anti-Spyware Thing).

Me, well I have nothing to write about, life as pretty much has been school gaming and bits of coding. Nothing really exciting, nothing to talk about, or is there?

I wonder if there’s someone out there interested in my new taste for realistic combat fps, or that I’m getting good grades? What is right to write?
I really don’t know, well except that if I write everything about me this wouldn’t be any different from a reality show blog, and that’s something I don’t want so I wont.

I hope I have something interesting to say, till then I’ll say nothing or like now say odd things, or maybe not, I’ll let you decide.

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Truth and Reconciliation

So here I am again after almost a year of hiatus and dam that was a long time. Its funny how things kind of came together last night, a friend asked me what was the point of paying web space if all I did was host a decaying website.

That made me wonder, Sylver had proposed a joint blog venture for some time now and looking at the wordpress website version 1.5 was already out, so I jumped in and apparently didn’t land on my head :).

The blog won’t be what it was, still from the old the most important bits have been kept, if the rest will make a return is yet to be seen, let’s hope this time there’s something new and interesting to see.

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I HATE Windows, I HATE Linux

But I LOVE BeOS, and for one simple and (kind of funny) reason, the fact that I never used BeOS for more then an hour, that’s right you read it right. Am I insane you ask?

No, and I’ll explain why, the more I use a system the more things I find that gets me pissed, be it bugs, design flaws or just things you like done differently.

And that’s my reality, I’ve used windows (XP currently) for 5 years, and Linux for a couple of days, with windows I found things of all kinds to hate him, with Linux I just dislike the way it’s done (but I do like the concept, so Linux groupies calm down, ok ;)) but I never used BeOS (well more then 1 hour), I never seen it’s ugly side, only the wonderful qualities so like if it was a girl I’m still in love.

Maybe one day windows will be better, maybe one day I’ve come to see that Linux way is better, maybe one day I’ll actually use BeOS and find it’s not that good, who know?

Till then I’ll be using windows and bitching about it, life is cruel don’t you think…

PS: The spellchecker is K.O. so good luck trying to understand me.

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