Blasted into the pass

Well I was at least in the graphical side, I was just enjoying a nice relaxing 1on1 of Counter Strike: Source when my not so GeForce 6600GT died of unknown causes leaving me without a usable computer (single PCIe enabled PC around).

Luckily a friend had a S3 Virge/DX I could borrow so I was able to get back at my computer but dam, talk about living in the past :p One day a 1280×1024 resolution is a normal thing, today it’s a luxury I can’t afford, not only that but apparently the Microsoft provided driver doesn’t do overlay so no more TV, video gets weird and games, only if they render in software :(.

So I guess I’m left with browsing the web and working on my code, guess that maybe in the end that’s not such a bad thing…

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