Unoficial knows best

This seems to be the rule when it comes to a certain bands websites. After seeing and listening to the this mysterious new band called Fort Minor featuring the vocal talent of Linkin Park‘s Mike Shinoda I Just wanted to get to know how this project came about, after going around in circles browsing trough the official website I finally found the answer in an unofficial website. For some reason the “official” websites never seem to have this kind of information I expected it to be the first thing the “official” website would display.

Anyways the music’s dam good giving us a taste of the Linkin Park sound without Chester Bennington a bit like it was presented in tracks like High Voltage, so I highly recommend it (but don’t get me wrong, Chester rocks and Linkin Park wouldn’t be the same without him).

PS: And there you have it, an unusual music review from me (darn it even rimed)

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